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January 06, 2019


Online giant reportedly planning retail store expansion:
・Chain Store Aage:1/2
・Amazon is eyeing an expansion of its Whole Foods Market portfolio, a move that could give new customers access to the company’s two-hour grocery delivery service.
・Amazon announced that it will expand its Whole Foods Market portfolio into new regions, with a focus on suburban areas, according to MarketWatch, which cited The Wall Street Journal.
・According to MarketWatch, these spaces averaged 45,000 sq. ft., slightly larger than a typical Whole Foods supermarket. The extra space will be used for pickup and delivery services.(google翻訳:MarketWatchによると、これらのスペースは平均45,000平方フィートであり、典型的なWhole Foodsスーパーマーケットよりわずかに大きかった。追加のスペースは、集配サービスに使用されます。)

Amazon plans to expand reach of its Whole Foods stores:
・Amazon.com Inc. is planning to build and expand Whole Foods stores across the U.S., people familiar with the plans said, to put more customers within range of the e-commerce giant’s two-hour delivery service.
・The push would bring Whole Foods to more suburbs and other areas where the natural grocer is quickly adding customers since the merger. That is a shift from the layoffs and slowing store growth Whole Foods experienced for several years before Amazon AMZN, -2.68% bought it in 2017 for roughly $13.5 billion.
・Some of those spaces were about 45,000 square feet, slightly larger than the average Whole Foods store. The supermarket chain is using extra space in its stores to accommodate Amazon delivery and pickup from online orders. The build-out would also intensify competition among grocers that are already fighting to retain customers. ・Supermarkets have been holding down prices and adding new services as consumers shift more of their shopping online. Other retailers are also widening the range of goods they sell, from discount grocers like Aldi and Lidl to pharmacy chains and convenience stores.

・Amazonがホールフーズマーケットの今後の方針を決めたようです。ここへ来て、各報道機関がAmazonの新たな動向を報じています。アメリカの流通業専門の業界誌、Chain Store Aageが1/2、「Online giant reportedly planning retail store expansion」とのタイトルの記事を公表しました。Marketwatchが12/31に公表した「Amazon plans to expand reach of its Whole Foods stores」の記事をベースにした内容です。要点は「expansion of its Whole Foods Market portfolio」であり、アマゾンがホールフーズマーケットの成長戦略に舵を切るというものです。ホールフーズマーケットはすでにAmazonのプライム会員向けに店舗から2時間以内のデリバリーサービスを実施していますが、新店開発を含め、エリアを拡大してゆくとのことです。すでに、「in Idaho, southern Utah and Wyoming」等へ視察し、候補を絞っているとのことですので、準備ははじまっているといえそうです。Amazon、ホールフーズマーケットへのM&A、2年目に入り、いよいよ成長戦略にシフトする針が固まりつつあるといえ、その動向に注目です。


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