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June 07, 2016

Whole Foods Market、2016年9月中間、増収減益!

Whole Foods Market、2016年9月、中間決算、5/4

CF関連:キャッシュの配分:In millions
・投資活動によるキャッシュ・フロー: (184) (昨年: (452) )
  ⇒Development costs of new locations : (197) (昨年:((295) )
・財務活動によるキャッシュ・フロー: 174 (昨年: (123) )
  ⇒Proceeds from long-term borrowings: 999(昨年:0)
・現金及び現金同等物の増減額(△は減少): 568(昨年 133)

B/S関連:キャッシュの蓄積:In millions
・総資産: 6,362
・現金及び預金: 805 (総資産比 12.65%)
・有利子負債:1,052億円(総資産比 16.54%)
・買掛金:299(総資産比 4.70%)
・利益剰余金 :2,227

P/L関連:キャッシュの創出:In millions
・売上高: 8,524 (2.4%)、営業利益: 493 (△6.2%)
・Pre-opening expenses、Relocation, store closure and lease termination costsを除く

Whole Foods Marketのコメント:
・“We produced record sales and operating cash flow, and returned $144 million of capital to our shareholders. Through our improved cost structure and expense disciplines, we delivered strong EBITDA in a challenging sales environment,” said John Mackey, co-founder and co-chief executive officer of Whole Foods Market. “Food retailing is evolving at an incredibly fast pace, and consumers have more options than ever before. In addition to becoming more competitive on price, we are making measurable progress in fundamentally evolving our business and providing an enhanced experience for our customers across all platforms before, during and ・after their visit.”
“We are very excited to be just three weeks away from opening our first 365 by Whole Foods Market store on May 25 in Silver Lake, California. Created to complement our Whole Foods Market stores, our new 365 format will offer our same industry-leading standards and dedication to food transparency in a streamlined format designed around affordability and convenience and supported by enhanced digital experiences,” said Walter Robb, co-chief executive officer of Whole Foods Market. “We believe there is customer demand for both formats, and as a second growth vehicle, 365 allows us to attack the value-quality proposition in a new way, while maintaining the integrity the Whole Foods Market brand represents in the marketplace. Our Silver Lake opening will be quickly followed by openings in Lake Oswego, Oregon and Bellevue, Washington. We are excited to learn from these first three stores and evolve from there.”
・Growth and Development:
・In the second quarter, the Company opened eight new stores, expanding into two new markets. In the third quarter, the Company has opened five new stores and expects to open seven additional stores, including the first 365 by Whole Foods Market™ store in Silver Lake, CA on May 25. In the fourth quarter, the Company expects to open five additional stores, including two 365 stores in Lake Oswego, OR and Bellevue, WA.
・The Whole Foods Market leases average 49,000 square feet and are located in Santa Monica, CA; Miami, FL; Vernon Hills, IL; Jersey City, NJ; Commack, NY; and Nashville, TN. The new 365 leases average 30,000 square feet and are located in Long Beach, CA; North Hollywood, CA; and Decatur, GA.

Whole Foods Marketの株価:

・Whole Foods Marketの2016年9月期の中間決算を集計しました。5/25に、新業態、「365 by Whole Foods Market」を新規出店をしたばかりであり、その結果が気になるところです。さて、その結果ですが、増収減益、増収幅も2.4%増ですので、厳しい決算といえます。キャッシュフローを見ても、投資が 184百万ドルと昨年の452百万ドルと比べ激減しており、しかも、財務では昨年はなかった「Proceeds from long-term borrowings」、借入に999百万ドルを支出しており、自己資本比率も昨年の約15%減の51.63%となり、財務面も厳しい状況といえます。今回の新業態はこの苦境を脱却する切り札ともいえ、今期、3店舗を計画しているとのことです。「The new 365 leases average 30,000 square feet」と通常のタイプの「49,000 square feet」の約60%の面積、1,000坪弱ですので、日本のSSMタイプに近い面積といえ、コンパクトな大きさといえます。Whole Foods Market、起死回生の挽回となるか、新業態の動向に注目です。

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