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September 23, 2016


How Obama Raised $60 Million by Running a Simple Experiment:
・Optimizely Blog:
・By Dan Siroker:November 29, 2010
。On October 21, 2010 President Obama visited Palo Alto to raise money the good ol’ fashioned way: a $30,400-per-plate fundraising dinner. This tried and true fundraising technique is a great way to raise money if you can get the President of the United States to show up to dinner. But how can you raise money if no one has heard of you and all you have is a website? Back in 2007, when Obama was running for the nomination and trailing by double digits in the polls, that’s pretty much all we had.

The Experiment:
・As Director of Analytics for the Obama 2008 campaign, my job was to use data to help the campaign make better decisions. We started with just one simple experiment back in December of 2007. This experiment taught us that every visitor to our website was an opportunity and that taking advantage of that opportunity through website optimization and A/B testing could help us raise tens of millions of dollars.
・This experiment tested two parts of our splash page: the “Media” section at the top and the call-to-action “Button”
・We tried four buttons and six different media (three images and three videos). We used Google Website Optimizer and ran this as a full-factorial multivariate test which is just a fancy way of saying we tested all the combinations of buttons and media against each other at the same time. Since we had four buttons and six different media that meant we had 24 (4 x 6) total combinations to test. Every visitor to the splash page was randomly shown one of these combinations and we tracked whether they signed up or not.

・The metric we used to measure success was sign-up rate: the number of people who signed up divided by the number of people who saw that particular variation. Since there were a total of 310,382 visitors to the splash page during the experiment that meant each variation was seen by roughly 13,000 people.
・Each email address that was submitted through our splash page ended up donating an average of $21 during the length of the campaign. The additional 2,880,000 email addresses on our email list translated into an additional $60 million in donations.

・ABテストが気になって調べていたら、このブログにたどり着きました。ABテストがメジャーになったのはこのブログの著者、 Dan Siroker氏がスタンフォード大学を卒業し、googleで働いていた時に、オバマ大統領の選挙の手伝いをすることになり、そこでABテストを考案し、その結果を選挙で実践、約6,000万ドル(約60億円)の寄付を獲得したことにあるといえます。いまでこそ、ABテストは様々な分野で活用されていますが、その火付け役は、この選挙にあったといえます。Dan Siroker氏によれば、オバマ大統領の選挙の時、4パターン、6メディア、合計24通りのABテストを実施したとのことで、最終的に sign-upボタンとオバマ大統領の家族イメージが最も効果が高かったとのことです。ところで、このABテスト、ネットだけでなく、現実の店舗でも活用できないか、いま研究中ですが、ID付POSデータ活用の時代に入ったリアルの店舗でも工夫次第で可能ではないかと思います。ただ、オバマ大統領が約6,000万ドル(約60億円)の寄付を獲得したのは、2,880,000 email addressesの取得が前提ですので、リアル店舗でも、ここをどう落とし込めるかがポイントといえます。すなわち、ABテストにより、獲得できた膨大なZ顧客を売上にどうつなげるかが課題ということになります。ABテスト、まだまだ課題はいろいろありますが、リアル店舗での確立を目指したいと思います。

━━━━━━ お知らせ! ━━━━━━━━━━━━

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