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November 27, 2019


We went shopping at Trader Joe's and Wegmans to see which beloved grocer is better, and found Wegmans has a crucial advantage:
・Trader Joe's and Wegmans are two grocers that both have cult followings.
・Both grocery stores also have unique store designs and fill their shelves with their own in-house brands.
・We visited both stores to see which was better and found that Wegmans, though the smaller chain, offered a superior store experience due to its expansive and high-quality hot food offerings.
・On the surface, Trader Joe's and Wegmans seem to have a lot in common. Both chains focus on store brands and have energized fans that rave about them.With 488 stores across the country, Trader Joe's is larger than Wegmans, which has just 101 stores in New England and the mid-Atlantic regions. But despite the disparity in size, both chains have cultivated some of the most loyal followings in the industry.
・Trader Joe's has some of the best sales per square footage in the grocery industry and prime locations in big cities like New York are regularly packed during peak shopping times. New Wegmans stores regularly draw thousands of fans — or Wegmaniacs — to their opening days. Most recently, more than 25,000 people showed up for the opening day of the newest Wegmans store, located in Brooklyn, New York, in October.
・Beyond the hype, both grocery chains are known for their quality in-house brands that generally help keep prices low.
・Naturally, this is the head-to-head we've all been waiting for, the battle of the smaller, thematically-infused grocery chains.
・After visiting both stores, the underdog was the clear winner. Wegmans won us over with its exceptional customer service and store design. But the real kicker was the numerous hot and ready-made takeout options.

・11/20、BUSINESS INSIDERが興味深い記事を配信しました。タイトルは、「We went shopping at Trader Joe's and Wegmans to see which beloved grocer is better, and found Wegmans has a crucial advantage」です。ニューヨークにこの10月に新規出店したウェッグマンズと地元のトレーダージョーズとの写真での徹底比較の特集記事です。記事の中での軍配はウェッグマンズにあがったようですが、様々な視点から鮮明な売場写真での徹底比較がなされており、見ているだけで売場で買いものをしている気持ちとなります。その勝因ですが、「the numerous hot and ready-made takeout options」と、ホット惣菜とテイクアウトだそうですが、確かに写真を見ると、すごい惣菜売場です。また日本ではマグロの解体ショウーが人気ですが、ウェッグマンズではチーズのその場でのカットライブ販売が人気とのことです。これまで、両企業は本格的に真正面からぶつかることはなかったといえますが、ウェッグマンズが「in Brooklyn, New York, in October」、ニューヨークに参入したことにより、このような激突が起こったといえます。世界を代表する2大、cult followingsに支えられた食品スーパー、今後、どのような競争が繰り広げられるか、その動向に注目です。

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